Management Team

Executive Team (17th Term)

Management Team
David Lee
Ceeya / Product & Design
Interest : I am interested in everything that makes human life more fun.
Fun fact: I am a youth sports team coach and won several championships.
Management Team
Jinseop Sim

Mechanical Engineer at Bear Robotics
Interest: Traveling, Camping, Paddle Boarding, Crafting, Cooking.
Fun Fact: I am (almost) always down to try something new.

Management Team
Jenny Lee
Vice President & Secretary

Financial Analyst at Google
Interest: Travelling, hiking, painting, finding new things
Fun fact: Ask me anything about NYC restaurants!

Management Team
Sangho Eum
Vice President

Data Scientist at Uber
Interest: Learning new things, Startup
Fun Fact: I’m an extreme social drinker since I cannot drink at all.

Management Team
Yoonki Hong
Interest: Entrepreneurship, investing, and new technologies.
Fun Fact: I can do a rainbow flick (soccer trick).
Management Team
Alice Hong

Samsung Electronics / Senior UX Research
Interest: Love listening to music and anything interactive & new experiences
Fun fact: I’m ambidextrous

Management Team
Joo Yeon Chae

Marvell Semiconductor/ Senior Hardware Design Engineer
Interest: Trying/learning something new. I like to watch youtube videos or read wikipedia pages that describe random facts. For trying something new, this year I wanna do more water activities.
Fun fact: I can spin while playing Kkwaenggwari or Janggu. (I led pungmulpae in college.)

Management Team
Taeho (TK) Kim
Sr. Frontend Engineer at Addepar
Interest: Snowboard, Ski, Skateboard and UX
Fun Fact: I was the president of UXA(User EXperience Association) once.
Management Team
Dae Hyung Jee

Finance manager at DoorDash
Interests: golf, cooking, investing
Fun fact: I received a cooking certificate for Korean royal cuisine at Suragan

Administration Officers

Communication: Jinwon Choi
IT: Hyun Jung La, Yonghyun Hwang
Media: Jiyoung Hwang

Subgroup Leaders

Software Systems: Joonhee Hwang, Seong Joon Lee, Deokwoo Jung, Hyoun-Kyu Cho
Hardware & Device: Kihyun Yoon, Jean Suh, Yonghyun Hwang, Hyunji Kim, Jinwoo Han
Bio & Medicine: Hyunyong Jin, Jongmin Seo
Startups & Management: Sung Cheul Hong, Joanne Gayoung Park
Experience Design: Ashley Rho, Sam Jang, Taeho Kim, Kyo Kim, David Lee
Film & Media Arts: Yoojin Jang, Seong-young Kim
Women Network & Growth: Hyun Jung La, Jayoung Yoon, Gilsun Yu, Seonyoung Son
Social: Minki Bang, Jackie Jooyoung Jang, Jungsuk Kim
Tennis: Junghwan Park
Golf : Eric Jaeyeon Kim
Music: Young-Hoon Kim
East Chapter: Young Lim

Nano Group Leaders

82startups: Kiha Lee
Algorithm study group:
Jaedong Shin

AI/ML group: Woosang Lim, Sang Su Lee
Autonomous driving group: Sungmin Lim
Board Game Enthusiasts: Veronica JungYeon Kim
BOL (Brovo Our Lives!): Jangho Park
Cybersecurity study group: Soo-In Nam
Hiking & trail running group: Il Yoon
KodingSchool group: Min Sun Moon
Mobility service group: Kevin Kim
Quantum Computing Study: Eunseok Lee
Robotics: Sangwoo Shim
Immunology Study Group: Hyun Yong Jin
Young Professional Network (YPN): Giung Lee

Board of Directors

Management Team
Sujin Kim
Senior manager at Samsung Electronics America
Interest: listening to podcasts about entrepreneurship and mindfulness
Fun fact: I am a big fan of Brené Brown and her books!
Management Team
Ashley Rho

UX design expert in the FinTech
Interest: BTS, Movies, Photos, Universe, Psychologies
Fun fact: I was shocked when I found out that my blood color is red like others when I was young because I thought my blood should be green because I came from space to the earth.

Management Team
YoungHoon Jung

CEO at XL8 Inc.
Interest: I am a die-hard skier and likes growing living but inanimate beings. I love assembling or disassembling things.
Fun fact: I am not sure it’s an allergy, but I sneeze whenever I eat a peppermint candy.

Management Team
David T. Kim

Partner at Chang & Hale Intellectual Property Law Office
Interest: board games, books, movies, road cycling, video games
Fun fact: went on a Eurotrip by myself, suffered hemorrhoids while driving a rental car over 1,250 miles, and accidentally backed the rental car into a Porsche 911 during the trip.

Management Team
Veronica JungYeon Kim

Software Engineer at Weights & Biases
Interest: Music – vocal, dance, flute, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums; Sports – climbing, soccer, Krav Maga, archery, water sports; Camping & Backpacking; Travelling; Languages
Fun fact: Lived at least 6 years in four different countries


Management Team
Taejin Kim
CTO/VP at Lumens

T. J. (Tae Jin) Kim is currently working in the area of laser and fiber optics at Blue Sky Research. Prior to Blue Sky, he was in charge of new business and LED optics technology as a CTO/VP at Lumens. He also worked for LG Innotek as a research fellow. Additionally, he has worked for several companies in Silicon Valley after working at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, New Jersey. T.J has contributed to several breakthrough works including a Surface Plasmon Resonance active light control device, a sub-wavelength holographic quarter-wave plate, and a mini-square-aspherical lens device. He graduated from Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, and completed his M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Optical Science at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

Management Team
Young Gil Song
Serial Entrepreneur

Younggil is a serial entrepreneur. Currently, he is working as CEO of ZeroDesktop, a cloud desktop platform company, and Booga Ventures, an angel investment company. Before that, he founded and served as CEO of NComputingDoubleSight Displays, and eMachines. He started his career as a software engineer at TriGem Computer after graduating from Yonsei University with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and came to the US in 1997.

Management Team
Perry Ha
Founder/Managing Director of Draper Athena

Perry Ha is the founder and managing director of Draper Athena. He has been an active venture investor since 1997 and has invested and served on the board of many successful companies including: iPivot (acquired by Intel), Demandtec (IPO then acquired by IBM), Imparto Software (acquired by PKS), ProfitLogic (acquired by Oracle), and Zantaz (acquired by Autonomy). He also served as interim CEO in two different companies.   Prior to venture capital, he led the technology management practice at Gemini Consulting and advised Fortune 1000 clients to manage technology portfolios and develop new products. Prior to that, he managed an R&D Group at Amicon, a life sciences device company, which was successfully acquired by Milipore in 1994. He was granted two design patents during his tenure at Amicon.  He earned BS and MS degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He was the captain of his collegiate volleyball team and was selected to NCAA All-American third team. He is a life-long student and teacher of Tae Kwon Do, a Korean martial art of which he is a certified Master Instructor.

Management Team
KiHyun Joo
Founder/CEO of Exio communications

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