17th Term Executive officers – Co-president (David Lee and Jinseop Sim), Vice President (Jenny Lee and Sangho Eum), Secretary (Jenny Lee), Treasurer (Yoonki Hong)

January – Bay Area K-Group 2024, Kick-Off


16th Term Executive officers – Co-president (Sujin Kim and David Lee), Vice President (Jenny Lee, Sangho Eum, and Yoonki Hong), Secretary (Jenny Lee), Treasurer (Jinseop Sim)

January – Bay Area K-Group 2023, Kick-Off

April – BAKG Open House 2023, YPN Networking Night With MUNICE, YPN Career Session, Desing Group ‘Portfolio Review’, AL/ML Group ‘LG전자 & Bay K-AI 그룹 Generative AI 세미나 및 네트워킹’, and Eskape Open Mic

May – EcoSav Meet Up, YPN Industry Insights Session, and Eskape Open Mic

June – EcoSav Meet Up, Eskape Open Mic

July – SW Large Language Model (LLM) & 초거대 AI Seminar, SW Happy Hour, AI/ML Seminar, Eskape Open Mic, and BAKG Coding School For Juniors 2023

August – BAGK Coding School For Juniors 2023(Blog), and Eskape Open Mic

September – K-Happy Hour, and K-Night 2023 ‘What’s Next’ @ Computer History Museum (Blog)

October – Design & YPN Cross-Functional Collaboration, Eskape Open Mic, 경기북과학고 멘토링, and Halloween Happy Hour

November – YPN 생각하는 사람: 대화의 시간, AI/ML Open House & Networking, and Career Growth Seminar

December – Eskape Annual Concert, and 2023 Virtual Year-End Meeting


15th Term Executive officers – Co-president (YoungHoon Jung and Sujin Kim), Vice President (Jenny Lee and Kicho Yu), Secretary (Jenny Lee), Treasurer (Jinseop Sim)

January – Bay Area K-Group 2022, Kick-Off

March – Friday K-Night Live In March : Web3.0 / NFT 특징과 트렌드, 사업 진입 전략 & Cryptocurrency Taxation (blog)

April – Bay Area K-Group Algorithm Study Group: 5기 멤버 모집 및 스터디 시작

April – Friday K-Night Live In April : LG NOVA / 이석우 센터장

May – Happy Hour In May with KGN In Real Life (In-person event)

May – Friday K-Night Live In May : 한국 법원과 미국 법원의 몇 가지 차이 & 테크 기업을 위한 특허법 상식 (blog)

June & July & August – 2022 Coding School For Juniors, Season 9 (blog)

September – K-Night 2022 (@Computer History Museum) (blog)

October – Seminar : 블록체인과 웹3, 어디까지 해봤나요? : 현안과 미래 (blog)

November – Young Professional Networking Night in SF

December – Holiday Happy Hour with KIC SV (blog)

December – 2022 Virtual Year-End Meeting


14th Term Executive officers – Co-president (Yu Seung Kim and YoungHoon Jung), Vice President (Jenny Lee and Kicho Yu), SF Vice President (Minki Bang), Secretary (Jenny Lee), Treasurer (Jiyoon Park and Jinseop Sim)

January – Bylaws revision passed by member voting (link)

March – Friday K-Night Live In March: 재택근무 환경에서 네트워크와 보안의 미래 (blog)

April – Bay Area K-Group Algorithm: 4기 멤버 모집 및 스터디 시작 (blog)

April – Friday K-Night Live In April : 베이 지역에서 조금 ‘덜’ 불행하게 사는 법 (blog)

May – Friday K-Night Live In April: Keep Calm & Drink Beer, 그리고 맥주 이야기 (blog)

July – 2021 Summer Coding School For Juniors, Season 8

August – Friday K-Night Live In August: Is impact investing a temporary fad or a movement here to stay? (blog)

September – Seminar : FIRE를 생각해 보신 적이 있나요? (Financial Independence, Retire Early, aka 조기은퇴), +부제: Introduction to FIRE

October – Encore FIRE Seminar (FIRE를 생각해 보신 적이 있나요?)

October – K-Night 2021: Enter (2nd Virtual Conference due to Covid-19) (blog)

December – Holiday K-Party 2021

December – 2021 Virtual Year-End Meeting


13th Term Executive officers – Co-president (Kisang Pak and Yu Seung Kim), Vice President (Byung-hak Kim, Jiyoon Park, Jenny Lee), SF Vice President (Minki Bang), Secretary (Jenny Lee), Treasurer (Jiyoon Park)

January – BAKG new office inaugurated at Dream Center in Sunnyvale, CA

April – Fundraising campaign for healthcare workers under Covid-19 (blog)

May – Friday K-Night Live: 에스토니아 (blog)

June – Friday K-Night Live: 헬스케어 산업 (blog)

July – Friday K-Night Live: 2020 하반기 경제전망과 엔지니어의 자산관리 (blog)

July – August – Online Coding School (blog)

August – Friday K-Night Live: 미래교육과 미래도시 (blog)

October – BAKG Rebranding Outcome Release (mission statement, new logo)

October – K-Night 2020: F5 새로고침 (1st Virtual Conference due to Covid-19)


12th Term Executive officers – Co-president (Hongrae Lee and Kisang Pak), Vice President (Byung-hak Kim, Yu Seung Kim), SF Vice President (George Lee), Secretary (Jenny Lee), Treasurer (MiSeon Lee)

January – The website migration on a new platform

May – K-NIGHT: The 7th BAKG Conference

September  – The 5th Coding School and the broadcast of an interview by EBS

October – High School mentoring program

November – The 6th Coding school with Daegu Software High School

December – Holiday Christmas Party and Annual Congregation


11th Term Executive officers – Co-president (Veronica JungYeon Kim and Hongrae Lee), Vice President (Eunyoung Kim and Yu Seung Kim), SF Vice President (George Lee), Secretary (Byung-hak Kim), Treasurer (MiSeon Lee)

January – Inside BAKG page was created (blog)

May – K-NIGHT: The 6th BAKG Conference


10th Term Executive Officers – Co-president (Jun Kang and Veronica JungYeon Kim), Vice President (Andrew Jinho Jang and George Lee), SF Vice President (Seong-Young Kim), Treasurer (Eun Young Kim)

May – K-NIGHT: The 5th BAKG Conference  (blog)

October – The story of Pororo by Il-ho Kim (blog)

December – Holiday Christmas  Party  and Annual Congregation(blog)


9th Term Executive Officers – Co-president (Sang Jun Lee and Jun Kang), Vice President (Jinho Jang and Veronica JungYeon Kim), Treasurer (Eun Young Kim)

May – K-NIGHT: The 4th BAKG Conference – Connected (blog)

September – Annual Fall BBQ (blog)

November – UX Hackathron (blog)

December – Holiday Christmas  Party  and Annual Congregation(blog)


8th Term Executive Officers – Co-president (Jiwoon Jeon and Seyoung Yang), COO (Jungsuh Choi), Treasurer (Veronica JungYeon Kim)

May – K-NIGHT: The 3rd BAKG Conference – Next Rise (blog)

September – Annual Fall BBQ

November – 1st UX NIGHT (blog)

December – W-group annual party (blog)

December – Annual Congregation(blog)


7th Term Executive Officers – Co-president (Jongyung Yoon and Soohyun Bae), Vice President/COO (Seyoung Yang), Treasurer (June Lee)

May – K-NIGHT: The 2nd BAKG Conference – The Next Wave (blog)

December – Annual Congregation(blog)


6th Term Executive Officers – Co-president (Scott Shin and Jongyung Yoon), COO (Soohyun Bae), Treasurer (Geunyoung Oh)

February – Group U (User Experience/User Interface) created

May – K-NIGHT: The 1st BAKG Conference

September – Annual Fall BBQ  (blog)

December – 7th annual congregation. Jongyung Yoon and Soohyun Bae were appointed as co-presidents, Seyoung Yang as COO, and June Lee as CFO (blog)


5th Term Executive Officers – Co-president (Scott Shin, Sungmoon Cho, and James Im), Treasurer (Brian Yoo)

July – East Chapter created

September – Annual Fall BBQ  (blog)

November – Membership reached 2,000

December – 6th annual congregation. Scott Shin and Jongyung Yoon were appointed as co-presidents, Soohyun Bae as COO, and Geunyoung Oh as CFO (blog)


4th Term Executive Officers – President (YoungGil Song), Vice President (Jaewon Shin and Jaewook Jung), Treasurer (Brian Yoo, Yooshin Park)

January – Membership reached 1,000 (blog)

January – 4th Annual Congregation. YoungGil Song was re-elected as president, Jaewon Shin was appointed as vice-president, and Brian Yoo as CFO (blog)

May – Dr. Ahn met BAKG, and gave a speech to members (blog)

September – Annual BBQ (blog)

November – 5th annual congregation. Scott Shin, Sungmoon Cho, and James Im were appointed as co-presidents and Kihyun Yoon as CFO (blog)


3rd Term Executive Officers – YoungGil Song, Sungmoon Cho, and Jinwoo Im

January – Gave speeches to students from E-hwa Women’s University, Kyung-gi North Science High School, and POSTECH (blog)

February – Gave speeches to Kyungki North Science High School (blog)

February – Gave speeches to POSTECH students (blog)

September – Annual BBQ (More than 140 attended) (blog)

September – “W Group” was founded. W Group is for professional women in Silicon Valley (blog)

December – 4th Annual Congregation. (blog)


2nd Term Executive Officers – Co-president (Peter Bae and Jiwon Yeom), COO (Kiyoung Yoon)

February – Website migration to http://bakgroup.ning.com

September – Annual BBQ Party

November – The second golf competition

November – YoungGil Song, Sungmoon Cho, Jinwoo Im are elected as officers (3rd term) at the annual meeting

December – Blog was created

December – 3th Annual Congregation. (blog)


1st Term Executive Officers – President (Hyungkeun Hong), Treasurer (Jongki Lee)

October – Peter Bae and Jiwon Yeom are elected as CEO and COO. Kiyoung Yoon was elected as CFO. (2nd term)


February – Hyungkeun Hong initiated a meetup (among several Bay area Korean IT engineers) and expanded it, with Jongki Lee, to create a community for Korean IT professionals in the Bay Area.

March – Preliminary meeting (26 people)

April – Officers were designated. Hyungkeun Hong and Jongki Lee serves as CEO and CFO (1st term)

June – First general assembly meeting (120 people attended), Website (https://bayareakgroup.org) open